Add Schedule on Sheets

Well for starters, I think you need to make sure that your units are correct and in FT. Try making the X and Y something like 1 or .5 and see if that helps. I am guessing a bit, but I would think right now its trying to place it over 400 & 700 feet away from the origin of the sheet.

And yes, you are correct that when you delete the holder sheet, the view instance goes away. You could solve this by getting ViewSchedules by category rather than Schedule Sheet Instances, but the nice thing about the Viewport node is that it will get it from the instance which I why I used it initially, but it is not the only way.

We work in Millimetres here, and I took a script i had written for other notes to be added which uses the 745 as a point and had no worries. Regardless i changed the coordinates to 0.5/1 and am still getting the same error. Any idea what might be causing it? Is it a case of needing to create an instance of the schedule; because i would rather not have them already setup on a dummy sheet so that i then select them and move/copy them to the relevant sheets. I’ve just tested again, this time removing the location input node and get no errors, however the schedule still does not show up on the drawings.

If you don’t want to use a placed view, then as I mentioned before, try using Element Types node with ViewSchedule and All Elements of Type to get a list of the base schedules. Then you can filter as needed and use in the Viewport.Create node.


Ah thankyou! seems like i’m nearly there - it has now added the schedule to the first of my two selected drawings, but has not added it to the second sheet (and some jobs may have 4 or more Footing Marking Plans). So how would i get the script to create the schedule and place it on more drawings (hopefully without duplicating these nodes within the script - because again i want it to be able to do it for any amount of plans)

Set the lacing on the Viewport node to Longest or Cross Product to get the results you need.

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Sean, you are a champion! Anytime you come to Australia it is my shout for beers :slight_smile: Thanks very much for your help and putting up with my silly questions!

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Hello. I have a node, which creates schedules and places them on sheets. And I tried to use it to create views. But it doesn’t work. What should I change? Is it smth wrong with string I
highlighted or not only?
Thank you for your answer!

Omg. I’ve been tying to make it all day. And now I’ve just found the solution and placed views using node “Viewport.Create” from Rhythm.

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I have seen this happen when the TB has been moved. The 0,0 of the “sheet” is where the TB was originally placed. If the TB for some reason isn’t placed there when the sheet is created, then this can happen. Copy and paste a schedule from sheet to sheet “in same place” and see if this happens.

Sorry man. Its something unrelated I cant work out. I rolled back the script and got the same error. Script used to place views from another viewport location but possibly a package update has stuffed something up. Got to work it out. Sorry for the hassle.

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Hey, if you still around and feeling kind. My listing seems right but the schedules are being put across the sheets in a muddled order. Not to the list. I’m also unsure how to get the schedule view after its created to adjust the column widths. Can you help with any of this? :slight_smile:

heres how they packed on the views

I do not find that node in Dynamo for Revit 2021, I saw it in Rhythm package though