Add or remove engineer stamp/seal from title block using Data-Shape

What I want to do. Add or remove an engineers stamp by selecting the wanted sheets and using user input to change the date shown on the stamp.

I do have a graph that does this for me but it will add/remove from all sheets and I want to be able to select the sheet and input the date, thus I am using Data-Shape.

I am trying to figure out how to do this using the Data-shapes package. Thanks to Aussie BIM Guru for amazing videos, I have a great start.

I feel like I’m close but yet so far away. ( Frozen nodes was my graph that worked before, left on there for reference)

Problem #1: I need to figure out how to select the titleblocks themselves as that’s how you turn on/off the stamp parameter.
Problem #2: I can’t seem to be able to input the date and transfer that back
Problem #3: Multiple forms showing up. A form for each item shows up instead of just one.
Problem #4: I’m sure there are more in here I’m not aware of yet.

Any help greatly appreciated.

It looks like you were zoomed out too far when taking this screenshot so the nodes are illegible. Make sure you node names are visible before screenshotting. Besides that, it looks like you have the general structure and types correct. Once you have a new image posted we can take a second look.

Thank you for point that out. Here’s the new pic

Left side of graph

Right Side of Graph

Overall Graph

Old Graph

Here is the graph for download
Toggle on_off Spencers Stamp_Test With UI_2.dyn (99.8 KB)

I think it will help me to break this graph up and get sections of it to work and then put it all together. For now I want to focus on selecting the titleblock associated to sheets that the user selected.

I am able to select sheets using Data-shapes just fine (see pic below). What I need is to select the title block on those sheets so I can turn on/off the parameter associated to the title block.

I am using two other forum posts as reference (see below). Problem is I don’t know how to translate it using Data-shapes. I could easily copy what they do but neither of them are using data-shapes.

There’s really no reason so use the sheets at all. Just start with the title blocks and use the Data-Shapes UI to select the ones you want.

The problem with that is it will select ALL title blocks in the project. I only want to select the title blocks on certain sheets. Hence I want to select the sheets which will then select the title block…

You’re starting with ALL sheets as well so it’s no different. You can get Sheet Name and Sheet Number directly from the TitleBlock. So instead of selecting Sheets from a list of all Sheets just to convert the Sheet to a TitleBlock, select the TitleBlocks from a list of all TitleBlocks based on Sheet Name or Sheet Number.

You’re adding the seal to the TitleBlock, right? What do you need the Sheet for?

You are correct, I am adding the seal. The way I currently do it does it the way you explain it as you can see in the pic. The reason I was selecting the sheet first was because that was the only info and examples I could find on the forums. I have yet to find one that explains how to get selected title blocks using Data shapes from a list of the sheets. Hope that makes sense.

So what I need to figure out is how to do the same functionality but with my new graph using Data shapes. Which is the same process you are talking about. I’ve tried many different ways on my own but just can’t get it to work.

Okay I was able to get sheet number to show up! It’s funny, I’ve tried so many things and this just came to me and I believe this is what you’re talking about right?

Thank you so much for your help by the way.