Data shapes asking inputs twice? Hide elevations not on current sheet

Hi all,

I’ve made a graph that hides all the elevations and elevation markers not present in the current sheet. Basically it collects all the elevations visible on the selected views and compares the Sheet Numbers in order to decide what to hide.

The input is the list of floor plans to be selected with data-shapes. However it asks to be selected twice. Is there any way to fix that?

Here is the dyn , other than asking twice for the input works fine.

3b HIDE elevations not on sheet.dyn (23.2 KB)

Did you run it in manual mode with the boolean at on?


Can’t see what’s happening in your image. It’s pretty common for this to happen when you’re working on a file with data shapes though. If you have the boolean set to run while in Automatic you will often “back up” the Data-Shapes inputs so that you actually get a couple runs all at once. Try closing out of the Dynamo file, reopening, and running the graph again. If it runs fine you probably just need to leave the boolean set to False while you’re working on the graph.

Wouldnt it be quicker to create a filter for this and add it as a filter onto the relevant view templates. This will automatically update where as you will have to re-run this script every time for every view.

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Thanks, I’ll check that.


Yes. But Revit doesn’t allow “parametric filters”, you can’t make a generic filter that filters the current sheet number, the same text need to be selected for all sheets. At least I’ve tried and couldn’t.

Ok i was thinking more along the lines of the below, because i would not want you to code a work around when this could help and be more adaptive.

All of our sheets have a “-” within so we have a filter that will hide all sections that are not on a sheet because they will not contain that character.


Then you can filter others by contains or does not contain a drawing sheet to hide them
Eg hide all sections marks that are on any drawing that have a 15_10 uniclass series drawing number


Then you set your filter on the view accordingly

Thanks for the answers.

From the dynamo player only asks once. And with the boolean set to true from manual seems to only ask once now.

@Brendan_Cassidy Thanks for the explanation and your time. However what I want to show are only the elevations present in the current sheet, not just on any sheet. And AFAIK Revit filters don’t allow to filter parametric things like “current sheet”, formulas, etc. It may be a nice feature though.