Add All Shared Parameters at once within SP File to Project

I’ve searched HIGH & low for the simple solution to just add all my parameters in my SP file to a “Container File” in one go. That way I can just insert Families/Schedules & it’ll have the “NEW” SP Name, but same GUID. I’m wanting to tidy up my SP’s in preparation for 2020.
Am I going the the right direction with some of these nodes???

I’m still trying to understand these posts:

(I’m in Revit 2019.2, Dynamo 2.0.2)

The workaround I’ve found is to have a template project which contains view filters using each of the shared parameters you’d like to use. e.g.:

CustomFilter1 : Filter By : SharedParam1
CustomFilter2 : Filter By : SharedParam2
CustomFilter3 : Filter By : SharedParam3

Then transfer only the filters using Transfer Project Standards:


This will force Revit to import your shared parameters to all of the categories to which the filters are applied.

Or is this not what you’re trying to do?

I see. That would mean I need to automate creating 200 plus Filters for 200 plus SP’s :stuck_out_tongue:

@cftrevizo, can you provide any information on what you decided to do with this task?

From studying the links I listed I utilize parts of the graphs referenced to just load all my SPs, then manually removed them all (maybe that can be the new challenge), even if some SPs only lived in families. That way the new names/format are remembered by the RTE when schedules/tags are created. I’ll dig up the graph I used & post it.

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