Add shared paremeters (from Excel) to families which are already used in a project

Hi there,

I am new here, so I hope I am doing this right.

With the help of this community and Youtube I created two graphs for adding shared parameters to one and more families. Than I created another graph for selecting familiy elements/types in a project which I want.

Now I am wondering if it is possible to expand those “adding parameters” graphs to project level.

Is there any chance to add shared parameters to my families that are already loaded into a project?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @bnn3001 and welcome, try this:

Thank you @Elie.Trad for the quick reply, but unfortunately I can not find the node “Parameter.AddShare
Is it in the default library?

@bnn3001 yes it is, which Dynamo version are you using?

@Elie.Trad This one:

@bnn3001 It is an OOTB node last time I checked :slightly_smiling_face:, maybe I am wrong, not in front of my computer at the moment, I will check it in a bit…meanwhile, type in search box the name as is and see if it pops up.

Thanks for the help!
Only this add on node pops up:
I am not in a hurry and will be online next tuesday.
Have a great week!

@bnn3001 my bad, it is part of the DynaMEP package!

Hi @Elie.Trad ,
so today I tried it out and its not working as in your graph described.
All I get as an output is a empty list.

Furthermore it would be interesting for me if this node can also add a bunch of parameters from a excel list to the selected element :slight_smile:
Is therfore the “List.Combine” node the right one?

Please excuse me if I am acting foolish but adding parameters in the family wasnt that complicated as it is in a project.

Kind regards

@bnn3001 you need to feed the shared parameter node with the appropriate inputs, List.Combine node has nothing to do with Revit interaction, it is for data handling within Dynamo that you may or may not use its output with a Revit “related” node.

@Elie.Trad But useing the node the way it worked for you is unfortunately not working for me.
I always get a empty list as Output:

My plan is to approach my goal (adding a lot of parameters from a list to a family that is already placed in a project) in little steps:
Firstly I need to add one parameter created in a code block to one element.
Secoundly I want to add one parameter from Excel to one element.
Than I want to a more than one parameter from Excel to one element.
And than, if possible, I want to add more parameters to more than one element.

Sending the previous picture was a little dumb from me when my first step isnt really working.
Sorry for that.
But I really dont no how to keep going :smiling_face_with_tear:

@bnn3001 the shared parameters should be created before adding them to the model elements.