Add parameters in family

I think it’s time to cry

Hmm, strange, but not time to cry yet, lol! - that node’s script is built to supply an error message if it fails, not a null value. Have you opened the rfa file to see if the parameter was added?

Also, I have found that when using the Background Open and Close nodes, I have to close and reopen Dynamo between running the script, otherwise they start to misbehave… So if you check your rfa file and see that the parameters didn’t get added, close and reopen Dynamo and try running your script again.

EDIT: @til.shviger I just noticed your note saying “the process has hung” - that tells me you are probably experiencing the issue with the Background Open and Close nodes I described above. If you close and reopen Dynamo, and rerun your script, it should work!! :slight_smile:

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not change…
thanks for you time :wink:
im will try more ways…

@awilliams may be you can try this method (in your project) at the free time?

@til.shviger I’m stumped as to why it is not working for you! I am no longer at my office so am not with a computer that has Revit/Dynamo, but would you upload/share your .rfa file and your Shared Parameter file and I can try it tomorrow?


Shared Parameter file:
GP_Work.txt (6.1 KB)

Радиатор_текущ_2.rfa (604 KB)

02_PROJECT DIRECTORY_05 add shared parameters to families_STAIRCASE NUMBER_value_update_save.dyn (7.3 KB)

Note: my Revit 2017, Dynamo version 1.3.1

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I don’t have Revit 2017, but can try in both Revit 2016 and 2018. I’ll try tomorrow and let you know my results :slight_smile:

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Great, bye)

@til.shviger well good news is that your files ran with no error for me! :slight_smile: I believe you likely must have been experiencing issues with the open and close document nodes. Sometimes I have even found that I will need to restart both Revit and Dynamo after running larger scripts that background open and close documents. I encourage you to try it again when you have just opened the program and haven’t already tried running any graphs that open and close documents - I’m uncertain as to any other explanations for it not working!


You very much cheered me :upside_down_face: if the script works for you, then everything is fine) I just have to find a problem in my computer or programs, it’s a trifle, the main thing is that everything works)
Tell me please, what is your version of Revit and Dynamo?
Thanks again for your help!

@til.shviger Я не думаю, что это проблема с вашим компьютером, я думаю, что это проблема с узлами Application.OpenDocumentFile и Application.CloseDocumentFile! Известно, что иногда они вызывают проблемы. Если вы запускаете несколько сценариев с этими узлами, вам нужно будет закрыть и снова открыть «Динамо», чтобы иногда видеть результаты. Вы снова попробовали свой скрипт с недавно открывшимся окном Dynamo? (Отвечая на ваш вопрос, я запустил ваш скрипт с версией Revit 2018 и Dynamo версии 1.3.2)

English translation for my reply:

I do not think this is a problem with your computer, I think this is a problem with the Application.OpenDocumentFile and Application.CloseDocumentFile nodes! It is known that sometimes they cause problems. If you run multiple scripts with these nodes, you will need to close and reopen Dynamo to see results sometimes. Have you tried your script again with the newly opened Dynamo window? (Answering your question, I launched your script with the version of Revit 2018 and Dynamo version 1.3.2)


hi all,

Thanks to @awilliams for helping @til.shviger using my node… I was hung-up with other work, so I could not participate.

I get the same result as @awilliams. I cant neither reproduce your problem @til.shviger.

One thing I have to be sure… You dont have the document open in advance?
you will not be able to close your current document. This graph runs only if you have some dummy document open!

@awilliams suggestion that open/close hangs from time to time is correct. It is my experience that it is not due to the node as such, but to the garbage collection and memory management in dynamo.

But what do you think @john_pierson… could there be other issues with the open/close nodes there is somehow special for this case?


just in case you are testing on the current document, then simply remove the open and close node…

PS. All tests is made using Revit 2017.2 and Dynamo 1.3.2


I dont why, but in Revit 2018 all done!
i think problem in installation file of Revit 2017 …may be anybody have direct link of Revit 2017? or fix bags/ errors programm?
thanks for all!

I did all tests in Revit 2017… in the 2017.2 version and I used dynamo 1.3.2

but if you succeded using Revit 2018, then mark this as solved :slight_smile:

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nooo) problem in revit 2017 - its just my error
im get solution from @awilliams

The open-close nodes are definitely a hit or miss. These nodes essentially enable us to “switch documents” with Dynamo which isn’t easily do-able otherwise. I’ve seen issues where Dynamo becomes unstable or things like that. I definitely like running open-close operations in Dynamo player or on manual run mode with a close right after complete.

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Hi, I can´t find node DanEDU.FamilyDocument.AddSharedParameter.

I installed package DanEDU (2018.301.6) in Dynamo 2.0 and Revit 2019.

Somebody to help me?


Sorry… but I Deprecated the package some days ago… and I wrote it in the package manage download. The only part I left in DanEDU dynamo was the Csharp script example until I know how I will implement examples in my new Orchid package!?

Please use the new Orchid package instead :slight_smile:

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I would like to know if it is possible to add shared parameter not to every element of choosen category?
I have got a lot of Doors in my project and I want to add parameter just to 80-90% of them. It could be done e.g. this way:

Thank You in advance :slight_smile: