Adaptive component

41_GM_lamelle_adaptive.rfa (528 KB)

Hi there guys,

i’ve a adaptive family by two points. But there’s the problem, with two points i cant get the orientation right. So i defined a third adaptive point.

I think its something to do with my adaptive family, so i uploaded it. I placed two rectangular profiles extruded a form between them. After that i place a reference point at the form. So that is not working, but i have no idea how to make a profile by two adaptive points. And it would be great if i get get this family working by placing three points in stead of four, because my script would be much more complex… So three would be perfect and otherwise i will be very happy with four.


but i cant get it right. it will place the point good, but the family is slightly rotated. Point 3 should be in the middle.

i got it! The adaptive point in the generic model family where i defined the profile, got a parameter orients to, that shoud be on host (xyz). So that the oriëntation of the profiel is defined by another adaptive point, but not the length of the profile, because i wanted that to be a type parameter and not depending on the position of the 3th and 4th adaptive points.