Adaptive component by points problem

Hi guys,

I have a problem with the “Adaptive component by points” Node.
Im trying to place an adaptive component but the node uses only the first family from the list for every two points but not the rest, which comes from an Excel file.
Any idea why?


Thank you in advance!

Try to not use “list lacing” on the “adaptive placing node” and flatten the family type list.

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Hi Fiesta,
I tried that but in that case it places 8 Families on one place.
Please see below.

try this:
and pls show the output of the “flatten node”

The outcome is “Null” :confused:

Any other idea how to fix that?

Ok after hours of searching I found a solution.
I needed to use the “List.Chop” Node with length 1 for the point list and connect it with the “AdaptiveComponent.ByPoints” Node.


hi, can you send the node? Thanks!

list.chop node