Divide surface, duplication!

Hello ,
I’m working on divide surfaces into certain distances. So when I apply on 1 surface it’s works perfectly. but when I applied in many surfaces it’s got crazy output. Could anyone help and advise what I missed


Could you please give us more details on your graph (previews of the nodes that appear in your screenshots, the inputs, etc.) ? It is hard to tell where it goes wrong with only those infos :slight_smile:

Also, something that might help you :


Why do you not have the same number of items in “u and v” direction?

I have no idea why! I assume because the surface length and width are different, could ba that the reason

Because the lengths are not rounded, so there is an extra point appearing somewhere

mmmm, so what I should do!

No idea why it is working tho.


May be my type of selection is not same yours, you have select.faces correct?

I have select by filters from levels, then from rooms, and the I takeout the faces

Maybe I need to add flatten somewhere

No, I have created the surfaces by hand, see my first screenshot …

Your issue is generally that you’re applying all points for both surfaces to both surfaces, where you really want to apply each “set” to each surface :slight_smile:

@mellouze nice approach, though there is somewhat of an issue with a row of points missing caused by null values as list-lengths are not equal (look in the bottom of your transpose).
Can be easier seen here:

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Did it with Python, got the same result. I think that simply comes from the U and V inputs that are not correctly defined (the list of U and V parameters go from 0+spacing/length to 1-spacing/length ; so you cannot have a point that has a distance from the perimeter that is less that the spacing). We can redefine the parameter so that all the points are centered (which is not the case now).



Please see my first screenshot.