DivideSurfaceUV problem

Hello everyone, hope 2016 is treating you right so far :slight_smile:
Here’s my problem, DivideSurfaceUV is giving me weird results by returning points outside the face. I’m 100% sure the face is planar and all lines are parallel to one another, as you can see, more complicated faces are returned with more acceptable results. Any idea why this could be happening? Any workarounds?

P.S. I’ve tried Paneling.GridFromFace from the ClockWork package, it’s nice and gives me exactly what I need, it just doesn’t work with multiple faces.
P.P.S. creating points at parameter seems to return weird points out of the face as well.

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Can you please share your Revit file?



Here you go:

“Show mass by view settings” in case you can’t see the mass.
Thanks for this!

Any chance of solving this? :frowning:

This is a known issue:

It’s still a problem in the latest daily builds:

It would be great if some feedback could be shed on it from the dev team.

I second the request for an update on this issue.

The issue is so old that I actually now believe this is normal behavior :slight_smile:

@Vikram +1

The only solution is below. Thanks to Dimitar who has provided this solution in this post http://dynamobim.com/forums/topic/surface-point-at-parameter-not-aligning-with-xy-object-from-revit/



Looking back at this, it’d be preferable to translate the points instead and avoid the costly intersection operation.

Thanks for all the replies, guys. That workaround actually works when all of your surfaces are rectangular, but in my case, some are ramps, some are rectangular, some will even be more complicated than that. And I need to have the same dividing algorithm for all. I agree that the dev team should really look into this, especially that it’s an old problem. Dividing the same surface in Revit doesn’t give similar results.