Rhino mesh to Revit mass form

I started this workflow of importing a Rhino mesh to revit form. What I am trying to do is to create a complex roof shape that will than be divided in Revit by pattern and will receive an adaptive family. I managed to import the Rhino mesh and convert it to a Dynamo mesh but I am stuck there, not being able to import it into Revit form.
If anybody knows how to do that I will be grateful.

Try DirectShape.byGeometry


thank you Marcel. Tried this already. doesn’t work! my aim is to import it as a form so that it can be divided by a pattern.

Revit does not work with meshes natively (other than for topographies). You’ll have to convert the mesh to a polysurface. You can try the “Topography.ToPolySurface(py)” node from spring nodes but first you’ll have to comment out line 32:

The end result however will be faceted because the mesh smoothing can not be passed over to a polysurface… In the end you might be better served by finding an alternative way of creating the geometry in Dynamo & revit.

Thank you Dimitar,
I agree with you that it would be best to construct this shape with Dynamo & Revit but wasn’t able to find a way to do that. If you can suggest a method or send a link to a tutorial that deals with something similar I’ll be grateful.


Hi, Eyal
I am just trying the similar works. I also import the mesh to Dynamo, and intend to import it into Revit. I wonder whether it is available to create the Revit Family by Dynamo according to the mesh.
Thanks for your suggestions.

Try DirectShape.ByMesh

Thanks you Wikram,
DirectShape works in some degree. It helps to transfer the mesh object to Revit. But it seems the obtained structure is not a “family”, and difficult to process further.

I am a beginner with Revit and Dynamo, thanks very much for some more information.

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