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01.Tunnel Input(v.210813)_양평이천_경사갱_라이닝(수정)_4.xlsx (422.0 KB)

I was trying to sweep the profile, but the curve was cut too finely, so it was not completely swept and there was a blank space in between.
how to solve it?
01.Tunnel (v.200818)_라이닝 - 복사본 (1).dyn (405.6 KB)Processing: 라이닝.zip…

You need to deal with adaptive component to open a parameter for this gap as an angle to be fitted well.

oh thank you but how to make and open a parameter for this gap as an angle??

In adaptive component family, you have a reference point hosted on each adaptive point allow you to rotate in any direction and this is the solution for this case.

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sorry… i’ve been thinking a lot … but i don’t know how to fix the .dyn …
can you give me some hints?


is that just a sweep along a path or do you want to place TBM rings or tunnel blocks?

For a sweep I would not place that many profiles as you did.
If its for rings or blocks go with the idea from ingenieroahmad. Place adaptive families with 2 adaptive points.
(Have a look at that post: Inquiry in creating Tunnel in Dynamo)

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