can not see any visual preview in the Background 3D Preview

Hey guys, I have some problem using Dynamo topography by points nod. I am using select model element ,selecting topography from revit and connecting it to topography by points.
I can see a list of points but I can not see any visual preview in the Background 3D Preview.

Hi @stav1233 !
Did you use the node Element.Geometry ?

I Tried it.
Doesn’t seem to work.

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Have seen similar issues in the forums… there are lots same issue solved in this forum.

you should share a screenshot of your graph

Hey _Vijay can you reference me

did you “zoom to fit” (ctrl b then zoom to fit) ?

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i did

i believe its got something to do with graphics defention.

try desactivating revit 3d preview (maybe you will have to disconnect the node then reconnect it)

not working:(

Try a simpler action - place a circle by center point radius node. Does that show up?

Of so, go into your background geometry preview by pressing the geometry preview button, and then zoom extents by pressing the extents button (red then green in this markup).

I have the same issue & I tried everything as mentioned above. Any other possible solutions

Post what you are seeing, and the background preview setting of your system as a start.

I solved by installing latest version of Direct X and Graphics. Thanks a lot to all forum member.