A family with 3d text to acquire room information

Hi All,

I am totally new to this and would like some assistance. I have a revit family with parameters. Its a room placeholder that i MANUALLY input the room name, number and description into it. This gives a very good visual idea of where you are in the building when using BIM360 glue and navisworks.

I would like to use Dynamo to automatically acquire the information off the rooms and place them on the room placeholder.

Is this possible? Keep in mind i am very new to this. Thanks in advance.


is it a generic model?

It’s very possible. What are your parameters called? If you search grouping casework by room location it discusses the room aware capability as well.

Hi. I cannot upload an image of the model. I have shared parameters in the family that are linked to the 3d text so its just to match them to the room details. Sean

I’ll post something tomorrow. Basically we should be able to place the generic model in each room at the center>then assign the values.

Added this node to Rhythm. See blog post here http://goo.gl/mjkGD2

2015-11-25 09_04_54


Where do i get the rhythm tag?



Make sure you have Rhythm installed, then Copy and paste this into a windows explorer window


Thanks John,

Can i change the generic model type so that i can change the map text paramaters?



Of course. Inside the node you can see what parameters I’m setting. Just change those to what yours are.

Hey Guys,

I was having issues making this work in Revit 2016, so I thought I’d give it a shot in 2015, presto! However, some of the tags come in correct, and others are floating directly above (10’) the others in the wrong rooms. Thoughts?



I recently discovered an issue when the room has multiple closed loops (like a column in the room). The multiple loops resulted in multiple polygons which offset my lists…


I will revise and post an update today, unfortunately it will place the cubes where the rooms origin currently is.

This has been updated to fix this issue

2016-01-05 11_47_40

Great! Can’t wait to check it out. Did you add it to the Rhythm download?

Its on there now. :slight_smile:

John- I might be looking for your update in the wrong location. Is it updated on 60 second revit or elsewhere? I really appreciate your work on this… I just started playing with it yesterday!

You can get the latest release On the Dynamo package manager. I mostly post announcements regarding updates on my blog.

Hi John. Is there a Rhythm release for 2014 to match the current dynamo release as i am stuck on 2014.

Hey Sean, unfortunately I always build Rhythm on the latest stable release of Dynamo which does not include support for 2014. Let me see what I can do about recreating the tool for 2014. :slight_smile:

Hi John.

Im working on it on 2015 and i have the placeholder and rhythm rule scripted. But it is still not working. is there any chance i could email you the files just to see where i am going wrong? I cannot attach screenshots here for some reason.