Any reason why it’s only working in a family? Im trying to create model text in the project.



Have you tried making a family containing model text, parametrizing the model text and then using that family with Dynamo in the project environment?

Hi Daniel,

<span style=“text-decoration: underline;”>The so called “ModelText” seems to be some kind of a Revit API dinosaur</span> (at least I haven’t seen anyone using it). I have no idea why the dynamo team decided to implement only this method and not the standard text notes method, but luckily for you Andreas has implemented the text notes method in his Clockwork package under the name of “TextNote.ByStringAndPosition”.

There was a recent discussion about it here:

EDIT: Sorry I thought you need 2d text. I’d try Andreas’ suggestion for 3d text.


There’s no method in the Revit API for creating model text in a project document, hence no node.

If your model text is already present in the project, you can change its text with TextElement.SetText from package Clockwork, but that’s as far as it goes…

Makes total sense then Andreas :slight_smile:

I’m not sure where to start then. I created a generic model family with a TextValue parameter. Now i need to get all the rooms and theyre center point. Create the family at that point and fill the Text Value with the name.

Sounds easy i’m not just sure how to “match” the proper room name with the proper family


You guys are such an inspiration… it was damn easy actually :slight_smile:


can this be reuploaded to see it?

Here’s a definitionCréation d’info 3D de pièce pour la synthèse.dyn (74.1 KB)

does it work a family instance by point? what family type do you use here?

I use a generic model with 3D Text in it

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