Dynamo Revit - Warehouse of all Families Presentation

Hi Guys, Im playing around a script that populates all project families into 3D to show what we have in our template. here is starting draft script, Im pretty newb so please advise if something looks strange or silly.
Want to add 3d text with family type near placed instance, also maybe its more rational to place only one type from family, cause other are different mostly only with dims.
Also want to create new script or update this one to populate systems categories, smth like samples of floors, walls.
And as option script can place families not from project but from folder

Download script



  • For ceilings, yep, no API for creation, sorry. If you have one placed already, you might be able to use Element.SetLocation, but even if that works (it’s quite variable depending on the particular Revit element you are trying to move), you can’t change the boundary, as there is no API to modify sketches (the pink lines).
  • For your wall creation, try exploding the polygons, you should get collections of curves, which work fine with walls.
  • Can’t quite see what your list structure is for the roofs, but try something like this
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Thanks, that helps. I`ve updated script in header

404 error. Can’t download the script.