Place generic model in all rooms in a model and set parameters from room to



I use an information object in the 3D model to copy information to.

The building is over 200meters wide.

I read some topics here on dynamo and used those to make my workspace.



  • Dynamo isn't placing the information objects in all rooms
  • The data on th information object does not correspond to the room
Can somebody help me?


It’s the sequencing of things that you are not getting right. You are trying to write to elements, and place them at the same time. These tasks have to be sequenced so that you first create the element, commit it to Revit DB and then write something to its parameters. Again, try placing Transaction.End after FamilyInstance.ByPoint and before you feed it into Element.SetParameter.


I edited my wokspace so i now only place the generic models and added ‘transaction.end’

But it’s not working properly, why does Dynamo work in a quadrant? See images.


Curve aangepast

LÉON LEERAAR, use Lunchbox Room Collector instead. Nate’s version provides you with the origin of the room which is more stable than finding a center.


Let’s say a room has multiple closed loops (doughnut). This makes it very difficult to find the center most point of a room with the polygon method you are using. This then results in an uneven list, which is why you are seeing inconsistencies.

Check out Rhythm.3DRoomTags for Guidance as well.

Yes this one works nice.

Now i gotta find out how i can put it al together in one workspace! (transaction end etc…)


Thanks all.

i forgot one very important issue! The number of the room is not Always corresponding to the number on the information object. What goes wrong…?

i activated room calculation point…

Wrong number

Who can help me with the last piece of the puzzle.


Ok people ,is there anybody who has a solution for me??


The information object gets not the information out of the room where its placed in.

Hi Leon,

Can you drop you rvt file and dyn file so that we can have closer look at your issue and give you solution. Thanks!

1. Plaatsen INFO kubus

2. Data deel 1


Here are the two Dynamo files.

1 place information object in rooms

2 get and set data to objects

Download link to model (200mb)
<table dir=“LTR” border=“1” width=“353” cellspacing=“0”>
<td valign=“MIDDLE”><b></b>


</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>  


Hi Leon,

Your file is in Revit 2016 version. Give me sometime i will get back to you.

Hi Leon,

Your puzzle is solved :-). Good Luck!


Here are the rvt and dyn files

Have fun!

Hi Kulkul, Thanks! It worked for me!!