3d polyline draw from selected start end point and get valves from excel

I’m interested in finding out if Dynamo is capable to selecting an endpoint of a polyline and then supply the direction (select) object direction. I’m looking to modify the excel file and link to dynamo draw the 3d polylines in world by suppling the offset points and elevations. I’m looking for conformation that dynamo can do this before I give it a go with polylines. I pretty sure this task could be done the alignment and offset, but I want a version for stand AutoCAD users. I also thought that users would need to set station calls that would be negative direction unless a test could be done to look at the station to use the excel value and and minus the valve for alignments stations for opposite direction. I could get slope in excel or dynamo, whichever is most flexible. I have not found many samples that draw geometry, lines, polylines.

poly-to-surface.dwg (853.2 KB) polyline to surface.xlsx (110.0 KB)

Yep. Use Curve.CoordinateSystemAtParameter with a parameter of 0 for the start point.


Thanks for the hint! would of never looked at that as a starting point.