Drawing polylines in Civil 3d

Hi, I am fairly new to Dynamo. How do I access CAD. functions to draw lines and assign layers? I am looking to draw out polylines from a set of x,y,z’s in Civil 3d. I am able to open Civil 3d but not sure how to draw polylines as an output in Civil 3d.

We do Revit/Dynamo here mostly
I think you landed in the wrong forum

We are using Dynamo to improve our Civil 3d production. Is there another forum I should be using?

Bimorph Nodes Package has many CAD tools, but I believe many nodes get data FROM CAD, and less so TO.

Link.DWG has somepacacity for pushing content. There are also some interesting features in the Civil 3D beta builds which you may. Worth signing up for if you would like to try things out.

I am currently working with 3D alignments from CAD to create linear structures in Revit. I have it quite far developed now and can share some fundamental building blocks here.

Firstly, you need to transpose the points (X,Y) to get some reasonable numbers that Dynamo can work with and avoid potential floating point issues. I have Dynamo Geometry Scaling set to Medium (4 decimal places). In Revit we can set the Project Base Point accordingly to report the coordinate correctly (Spot Coordinate), similar to how you would use an ACS in CAD.

The script will generate normal planes at each coordinate (the points are 1m apart). We can see that, depending on the input range, we can get an anomaly that I address with a simple test.

Once we have the normal planes we can create complex geometry and pass the result to Revit.

We can see that I have a plane at every point.

Create Planes.dyn (26.0 KB)
Sample Coordinates.xlsx (18.9 KB)

Thanks Nick.