Dynamo Node to Extract Alignment/Polyline Start, End, and PI Coordinates


I was wondering if there was a node (or set of nodes) available in dynamo that could be used to create a list of alignment Start, End, and PI coordinate points? Maybe there is something available in Civil3DToolkit, but I wasn’t able to come up with anything yet just looking through the nodes.


@hestingjj for PI points, use AlignmentExtensions.PIPoints (Civil 3D Toolkit).

For the start and end points, use Alignment.CoordinateSystemByStationOffset by feeding in the start station and end station. Then use CoordinateSystem.Origin to get the points.

@mzjensen Thanks for the reply. That helps me out. Another node that I was looking at was the Polyline Extensions node. However, I wasn’t able to get this node to work on any polyline. Have you used this node before/do I have to do some coordinate system conversion to get it to function properly? Thanks.


I’m not sure. Maybe post on the Civil 3D Toolkit thread along with the log file so that Paolo can help.