10.000 misunderstood from importCSV imported as 10000 not as 10m

i read in Coordinates from a File. See below.
the coordinate have decimalvalues separated by dots 10.000 = 10 meters in Autocad
After import they get to 10000 m in Revit Dynamo
Where is my fault?punkte_aus_datei_einlesen.dyn (30.5 KB)

Hello @einar.kretzler ,

your script is working fine,
but sometime when we are converting excel to csv or text to csv then csv create problem in reading the cell like replace “.” dot with “,” comma.

if can try the problem using excel, it will work as you are expecting.
if excel is not an option, then please share the .csv file.

punkte_ek.txt (64 Bytes)
Here is the csv file. i renamed it to txt otherways i can not upload it

Got it working by dividing by 100. The csv values from autocad i determined in the format 10.34 so 2 decimals then i divided the values by 100 and i got the correct value for the points.
i attached the working versionpunkte_aus_datei_einlesen.dyn (36.9 KB)

its working fine,