Export parameters data to Excel from Revit

Hello everybody!

I’m starting to use Dynamo and I have a problem when I try to export data of several parameters from Revit to Excel, the value of the most part of them appears in Excel multiply by 1000000, but others appear correctly, It’s curious because in the list of Dynamo all of them appear correctly, I’ve tried to export the data to CSV instead of Excel directly but I have the same problem, find attached some pictures I hope will help to understand the problem.

Thank you very much!

I think it is because of String. You might have in your country comma as seperator in excel. By exporting values causes that. You can set values as double or float and try again.

Hi Deniz, thanks for your answer, yes, I have comma as separator but some values from the same parameter are exported correctly (0,03 for instance) but others not (-1.060.000 instead of -1,06), what do you mean with float values?

Did you type 0,03 as parameter input in family?

and you can take a look here:

It´s a parameter of the model. I´ve solved the problem using something similar; an string to replace from “,” to “.” even if inside Dynamo nothing changed in the Excel, the values appear correctly


Yes, on that post I have linked they explained how it works. :slight_smile:

Great! Thank you!!