Zigzag pattern for glazing dynamo modeling help

Hi every one.
we are curtain wall/ glazing contracting firm we have been awarded recently with a contract of 3 story height building the problem is many companies have refrained from taking the project because of the unusual pattern of the glazing panels see the picture below

We decided to take it regardless of the all hurdles, cause i know that people’s champ (Dynamo) well help me in this project.

We want to make coordinated design for fabrication and installation the problem is we don’t know how to start should we use mass or model the building in revit then select the faced in dynamo

If the mass option is best how i can model a mass from dwg plans and how to divide the faces of the mass

I made a simple sketch of how the glazing well be supported using trusses.

please somebody help me!

Hi @igolsama

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Show us some work please. This is a help forum to ask for help with things that you cannot figure out on your own, but actually tried. Read this how to ask help


i can’t see why this approach can’t be fully done in Revit ? or have i missed something ?

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Hi Kulkul
I need to know the best way to start the design to save me time.

Should i use a mass or model the building in revit i thought of modeling the zigzag glazing as generic wall in rivet, then select these Walls as surfaces in dynamo then the offset the faces and start testing with the script.
What do you think of this approach your input will be most helpful.

See the preliminary design of the structure supporting the glazing.


Hi Mohammedz

I think It can be modeled as in place family or as parametric family.
but if its done in dynamo i can use it in structural analysis of the trusses and in fabrication also the accuracy of dynamo is of high caliber.

Maybe i am wrong and it can be done in revit waiting for the seasoned dynamo experts to give us an insight