New to Dynamo, is this carved wall element something that could be created?

First off, hello everyone, first post on here. I’m new to Dynamo but excited to learn!

<span style=“color: #2e2e2e;”>I’ve just been thrown on to a project where I need to figure out how to model a 6 story wall that is made out of some sort of CNC milled panel system and I’m not sure how to model it in Revit and was thinking Dynamo might help?</span>

Here is a conceptual section which shows the wall, you’ll notice that there is a wavy pattern which varies in all three x,y,z planes:















<br style=“color: #2e2e2e;” /><span style=“color: #2e2e2e;”>I was reviewing this buildz tutorial using ACs (non-Dynamo) and it gets me halfway there: </span>buildz: Repeat and Divide Prt I: curved panels<br style=“color: #2e2e2e;” /><br style=“color: #2e2e2e;” /><span style=“color: #2e2e2e;”>The problem is, I need the back of the panel to be flat and the front to have adjustable splines in both the x,y, and z axis (i can’t seem to get the z adjustability). As well, it’s doing a spline with a continuous curve through each point, whereas I need each spline to be a sharp edge as you can see in this panel sketch:</span>











Anyone have any thoughts how to best make this? We’re currently at 50% DD so it doesn’t have to be super real, but it would be great to have an idea how to make it real.

Should be doable. Depending on what you’ll want to be able to do with the panels, I see two options:

  1. Create an elaborate adaptive component and then use Dynamo to drive the shape of the component instances. Advantage: Schedules as a curtain panel and behaves as a native Revit element. Disadavantage: May need a lot of energy to set the component up correctly.

  2. Work with native Dynamo geometry tools (or import from Rhino/GH using Rhynamo or MantisShrimp) and send to Revit as ImportInstance (basically a SAT export). Advantage: Do all the heavy lifting in Dynamo. Disadvantage: ImportInstances do not behave like “real” Revit families (although you could import each panel into a separate Generic Model family to make it a bit more revity).

The overall system looks like it could be constructed out of multiple sine waves of varying frequencies and amplitudes. If this is your first Dynamo project you may be in for a bit of a challenge, but generally you should find a lot of helpful folks here on the forum.