Turning a shape edited roof into a mass form to then make a curtain wall system to match levels

Hi, i’ve got several roofs that i have had to model using the shape editing function in order for them to be accurate as per existing.
As part of the proposed works i need to model curtain walling to match the profile of the existing roof to act as glazing.
Ive done a deep dive through the dynamo forum and google and i cant find any similar scenarios.
If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great, i have no dynamo experience and if i cant find a dynamo solution ill just have to brute force it somehow in revit.
Any helps appreciated

Some pics and a script would be nice :)!
For Help i need inspiration!

Sorry about that probably didnt make sense without context.
As you can see (hopefully) the roof has a lot of shape points in order to match as-built position.
I was hoping to find a way to create curtain walling to match.
I was thinking the easiest way would be to do a mass matching the roof and then use that to do a curtain wall system.
Unfortunately i have zero dyanmo knowledge so im stumbling in the dark a bit :grin: