ZeroTouch node importing whole system category

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So actually i am trying to create a popup UI using wpf in zerotouch node and my script works but it is importing the entire system category. Do anyone has any insight on it?

through a bit of investigation in my code. i found out that the imports were made due to the class being derived from these classes.
public partial class pathUI : Window
public sealed class StaTaskScheduler : TaskScheduler, IDisposable

@Michael_Kirschner2 @solamour @Racel
Is it possible to tell dynamo to not load these derived from classes??

P.S. window is used to generate my custom user interface using wpf and TaskScheduler/IDisposable is used to serialized my custom user interface.

okay guys, sorry to disturb you all earlier. I actually just solved my own issue. A workaround to this is to park all these .xaml and .cs files into another assembly and reference from it.

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HI @stillgotme ,

we are a few years later but i am encoutering the same problem and reading your post.
i see you found a solution, GREAT! :slight_smile:

i’m pretty new to c# and Xaml just experimenting with it to create my own useer interfaces.
Can u explain in more “noobisch” language how u solve it?
maybe have an example to learn from ^^?

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Hi @AlexanderVandenbergh ,

it means that, your zerotouch nodes’ .dll shouldnt have UI nodes and vice versa. If you wanna reference anything from Revit API to manipulating any methods in your UI nodes, you will need to reference that method(s) from another assembly. Or you can try marking other non-intended-importing class as [IsVisibleInDynamoLibrary(false)] or [SupressImportIntoVM]