ZeroTouch node importing whole system category

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So actually i am trying to create a popup UI using wpf in zerotouch node and my script works but it is importing the entire system category. Do anyone has any insight on it?

through a bit of investigation in my code. i found out that the imports were made due to the class being derived from these classes.
public partial class pathUI : Window
public sealed class StaTaskScheduler : TaskScheduler, IDisposable

@Michael_Kirschner2 @solamour @Racel
Is it possible to tell dynamo to not load these derived from classes??

P.S. window is used to generate my custom user interface using wpf and TaskScheduler/IDisposable is used to serialized my custom user interface.

okay guys, sorry to disturb you all earlier. I actually just solved my own issue. A workaround to this is to park all these .xaml and .cs files into another assembly and reference from it.