ZeroTouch Help

Hi Guys,


I’m having an issue getting my nodes showing up properly from Visual Studio to Dynamo. Basically, it creates nodes and menus which aren’t intended.

In the example below, if I import the dll, I will see a menu named “NewNode”, within that menu there is another menu named “NewNode”, in that new menu thereare two nodes; NewNode and name…


The problem is I thought ZeroTouch Import stripped the namespace and only exposed the methods. To be honest i’ve never used c# so still working it out. All I want is a menu called “NewNode” with the name node in it…



What I did was to make a package in C:\Users\nvo\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo.8\packages and then set Visual Studio to export the dll to the package folder on successful build.

make your class static - this should get rid of one of the extra nodes.

Thanks for your help guys but neither of the tips changed anything; I still need to import the dll and it has the same structure of folders and extra node