Zero Touch Custom UI nodemodel



I am new to WPF and I am trying to create a simple toggle button in Dynamo.The sample Script I refereed is HelloDynamo ( .

I managed to get the node displayed in Dynamo, but currently the toggle doesn’t work , it always display false. I suspect there is a binding issue in WPF.

Node in Dynamo:

Xaml File:

Main CS File:

Node View File:

Thank you !


Springs has a button now. Might ask him,


How are you loading the WPF dlls? They can’t be loaded from within Dynamo. You have to load them from a package folder.

BTW @teocomi just publised a great ZT / WPF guide available in the last few days:


Thanks for sharing this, I was using the same method as Teocomi to create custom nodes, but something must went wrong on the wpf part which cause the error.


I solve the issue now, apparently custom Node assemble has to be separated from all the other assembles. I was put it together with some zero touch nodes which enables pop-out windows in dynamo, that somehow causes the problem.