Zaha Hadid Architects - BIM Architect / BIM Designer

Zaha Hadid Architects is looking for junior or intermediate BIM Architect / BIM Designer with in-depth knowledge of Revit and Dynamo for future projects.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborate on a broad range of challenging international projects
  • Set up BIM projects including standards, drawings, families, scripts, etc.
  • Manage and implement architectural BIM models in Revit and Dynamo
  • Advise planning team and 3rd parties on best practice workflows
  • Coordinate with project team, external consultants and local architects
  • Manage and deliver submission drawings and 3D BIM models
  • Participate in conferences and BIM related events

Key Requirements

  • Experience working on large scale, challenging projects
  • 1+ year hands-on experience using Revit on architectural projects and tasks
  • Advanced and comprehensive Revit and Dynamo knowledge
  • Proficiency to create custom Revit families and adaptive components
  • Ability to develop efficient cross-application / cross-team workflows
  • Basic skills in Rhino, Grasshopper, AutoCAD
  • Great interest in current BIM-related developments, tools and software
  • Willingness to autonomously and continuously expand own professional knowledge and skills
  • Willingness to actively contribute to the BIM team’s / offices’ knowledge and development
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Please find detailed information at:


Even though it sound sweet i’m very confused about how those 2 sentences go together…


10+ years ? :thinking:
Great opportunity with an inspiring firm :+1:

agree with @Daniel_Hurtubise
Might be worth mentioning where the role is located- London ?

But great to see that these skills are valued/in demand


Yes, the role would be located in our London office.

Revit + Dynamo are pretty easy to learn so 1 year is more than enough to gain advanced software skills in my opinion.

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I’ve been working full time with them for the past half year and I still there’s tons I don’t know about them. I’ve mostly been working with Dynamo with which I am now pretty good but Revit especially is absolutely massive. I feel like I’m currently pretty good when it comes to building families (and controlling them with Dynamo) but that’s just one part of the entire program. I’m also working with several people who have quite a lot of Revit experience but who still lack knowledge in quite a lot of areas of the software.

I of course am not aware of your personal experience but I think you might be underestimating the difficulty.

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that puts me right in the ‘slow learner’ category…


We don’t expect people to know 100% regarding Rhino + Dynamo.

As an architect you will never stop learning and there will always be some specific tasks or features that were not used before. Chances are high that we do some things here different anyway :slight_smile:


please let me know whether the vacancy is only for UK citizens are this is applicable for other country citizens also.


Every architect that fulfills the posted requirements can apply.


We are still collecting applications, so it’s not too late to apply. We will also consider more senior applicants if the skills and experience suits.

If you still ponder about applying please do so now.

The project will ramp up very soon, so please have the permission to work in the UK already.

Good Luck & Best Regards,

Is this still Open? Can I still Submit my Profile?

On very short notice another junior position opened up.
Job description, requirements + info see my first post.

In case you have the necessary rights to work in the UK already and are able to start in our London office within the next 2-5 weeks please apply asap.

Thank you very much!

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