Yes/No Parameter without value

Is it possible to remove values from a yes/no parameter, changing it to blank, similarly to when they are first created?

I don’t believe so. The only way I know of is if the parameter is removed and recreated.

What about this? I use this to control my ‘sheet index list’ checkbox.

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When parameter is first created it looks like its grey-ed out which in reality means its set to False. What @Myles_Martin suggested below is the correct answer - just set it back to False.

But it’s kind of not false at the same time though right? It’s pretty much non-existent and empty. If you were to do, == False these values would say they do not equal false in Dynamo.

No, it should be set to False by default (0 in Revit case since it uses 1 and 0 to represent True/False). Try scheduling them, if they are not touched and have that default value they will report as False. I am not sure why Dynamo would think otherwise. Booleans can be nulled as well, maybe that’s what’s tripping it. Try comparing it to null.

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There it is! I could have sworn this was different when I answered this 3 months ago.:flushed:

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