Reset / Set Parameter to Empty / Blank / Null


I know that this question has been asked several times, but I find difficult to belive that we still have no solution.

We all want from time to time to reset parameter to empty, as they came when created. With strings it is simple, but with other parameters I haven’t found any solution.

There would be 3 approaches:

  • Dynamo/Python overwrite: I have been testing it for hours. I can’t manage to make Revit to accept an empty value. It will always test that it has to be a doble, or int, or whatever.
  • API overwrite: I guess that the problem is quite similar to using Pyhton. But I have no idea about creating Macros.
    -Dynamo remove and create Parameter workflow: The Idea would be to copy all the Parameter, remove it, create it again, and fill it with the data.

Before trying the last option I would like to discard the other two and to know if someone has already done something similar. Can this system create any error?


Have you tried Spring nodes image ?


I have updated my springs package and tested the node. I am trying to reset a Parameter (Length) that I have in my rooms, but no results.

Am I missing something?


Looks like it only works for parameters that expect an Element as input… From Springs github : *

Element.SetParameterToNone is useful when you need to set parameters such as View Template, Phase Demolished or Top Constraint to None / Unconstrained


Thanks @Einar_Raknes anyway :slight_smile:

Someone hat some other info?