Replacing Yes/No parameter value with a text String

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I have a parameter that is a Yes/No, in Revit i can replace it using a Calculated Value like that if(SP_Calculation Type, “Gross”, “Net”), works like a charm.

In Dynamo i can get the values of the yes no as a series of 0 and 1. I tried using an If by passing the list to the test input and setting Gross for true and Net for false. Unfortunately Dynamo returns Gross for all items.

I guess i’m missing an evaluation process in between the list and the test, or not :slight_smile:


Found a solution

Im evaluating the list using a ==

Im passing the list to the X and set the Y to 0. The node returns a list of True or False. That list is then passed to the If and i get the text values.

I have a node in Bakery package for this too, its called Boolean Input to Variable String Output, it looks like this:


Here’s how I’m doing it

Replacing YesNo parameter value with a text String

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