Suddenly this morning I am getting this error:

"Xenocode Virtual Appliance Runtime

There has been an error starting this virtual appliance..."

I haven't changed anything on my desktop since yesterday.

Vasari doesn't start and the Process shows in task manager but that's it.

Should I get a fresh copy?

yes the same spoon error. OK I wasn't sure if it was an important component of Vasari that wasn't loading right. Thanks for your help I'll remove the 3dconnexion for now.

Glad to hear that it is working.

The Spoon error that you are getting now : is that the same error as before? If not, I am guessing this might be related to having the 3DConnexion software installed on your machine. This is one of the known issues and we are working on getting that resolved. That should however not prevent you from running the application.

Hi Arjun,

I checked Win Update history and nothing has changed since 03/06

I saw WSComm... and killed it. It then popped up the spoon studio error a few times..

then 3 copies of Vasari opened, one or two with an unrecoverable error.

I closed them all down and restarted Vasari. Seems to be working now.

I still keep getting the spoon studio error. Any solution for that?


Hi Craig -

Have not seen this error before. You said nothing has changed on this machine. Could there have been a Windows update that was applied or something like that ?

Try a couple of things:

If you notice the process "WSCommCntr3.exe" hanging around in the task manager, kill that process and try running Vasari again.

If that does not work you can delete the cache. The cache on a Win7 machine can be found at : C:Users<username>AppDataLocalSpoon

Delete the Spoon folder and it's contents. Launch the application again.

Let us know if that helps at all.