Dynamo Running Error

I installed a Dynamo for Vasari but when I am running a add in getting an error saying you need to close a window and afterwards it gets un-responded and need to close it from task manager. I am attaching a snapshot of an error.

Any help?

Thanks in Advance.

Thanks Matt..... It's working fine... I downloaded again the latest Vsari 2.5.

Thanks Lilli .... I am not creating a new file... I am just opening a Dynamo with default Mass.

Thanks Matt.... yea it's 2.5 ....let me download it again check out.

Dyanamo with Revit working fine only this error I am getting with Vasari only.

Also make sure you have downloaded and are running the newest build of Vasari 2.5. I ran into this same issue and it cleared up using the newest build.

Try restarting Dynamo when you have the file you want to "operate" on open. Looks like you're doing something that is causing Vasari to crash. If you want to post your Dynamo file (and associated rvt if applicable) we can take a look.