Wrong locations of linked elements bboxes


I’m trying to obtain bounding boxes of elements inside a linked model.
This works well - the problem is the outcome seems to be offset along an axis inside revit - as visible on a screenshot(blue rectangles) The linked model are 3 buildings on the bottom side of the scheme.

Result is the same when I just use Get All Elements From Linked Model from archilab - position is still wrong

I don’t know where the problem is - is it something wrong with SharedCoordinates? How can I fix it?

Yes linked elements are always positioned in their origin-to-origin location in the Revit API context even if you reposition your link in the active document using say, shared coordinates. There’s details about this limitation here.

BimorphNodes LinkElement nodes handle this limitation and report/output everything about the linked element: its location, bounding box, geometry etc in its host location (i.e. where you see it in Revit) rather than in the default origin-to-origin location.

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This works indeed!
I’ve compared locations of misplaced BBoxes with ones given by Bimorph node, got a vector and translated them into desired position.

Thanks a lot! And for the whole Bimorph package :slight_smile: