Write to parameters failed, No parameter found by that name

Sorry for asking this again but I am trying to Write data to a Structural Foundation and I keep getting
a operation failed no parameter found by that name.

I think this is also shown in the primer, but in order to set “TYPE” parameters you have to get the type from the family instance.

Dynamo 2.1
Use Node:

Dynamo <=1.3
Use Node:

Or use Archi-Lab.net, Rhythm, OpenStrc and many others that can do type or instance.

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Keep in mind that you can only set one value to a type parameter, so you may want to pull unique items from the list of types.

Thanks all I was missing was the Element.ElementType.

Thanks for your reply.
Yes I managed to get the values to right to individual elements. The data is from an excel document. It all works now. As I added Element.ElementType.
The only main issue now that I need to work on is only writing to specific elements. Currently if I have an element missing from my list it will add data to the wrong element.
But I will get there. Thanks.