Dynamo parameter

hey guys! I am using Element.SetParameterByName node to link column from revit to Dynamo but it says no parameter found even though it exists in Revit.
please help!

ParameterName is case sensitive
Thats the most common answer to this sort of question here on the forum
There maybe other reasons, show us a graph…


can you show what is the output of every node?

i have used the same code in another project and it works fine but here i dont know whats the problem. i have crossed check everything but there is no mistake there

It looks like you have Elements pulled into the list, but want to change a Type parameter. You’ll need to include an Element.Type node into the mix, or use one of the custom package nodes that do the same thing.

its working now but got another problem. i want to change column dimension only at level 2 but when i run it, all the columns change

Are you modifying an instance parameter or a family type parameter? In case of the second one you’re not modifying the elements on one level, but you’re editing the elements of the familytype which could explain why everything changes.

i am changing columns dimension (width and depth - familytype parameter) in one specific level and it changes everywhere.

Then that probably is because you used the same family on other levels of the project too. If you edit a type parameter that parameter is changed on every instance of the family type in the project. You could change the parameter to an instance parameter or select all the columns on the level where you want to change them and turn them into a different familytype with the correct parameters.
I hope this helps.


thank u so much man. I need another favor from you. can you please help me with dynamo script for changing wall finish in revit? i tried so hard but cant find a way to do that

Ofcourse, but if it’s a different question you should probably make a new thread so other people with similar issues can find it too :smiley:

ok sure man. i post it now and then please reply me . thank u so much man