I am newbie to Dynamo.

I am trying to use the ElementsSetParameterByName node in a simple graph but won’t get what I want. If I use revit built-in parameters, it works but if I use shared parameter, it fails (pleaseee attached image).

Appreciate any favourable response.


“Drawn By” is a parameter of the’Sheet", not the “Title Block”

Use a “Categories” node set to “Sheets” and then “All Elements of Category” instead of the “Family Types” and 'All Elements of Family Type"

Great! This solved the issue.
One more thing, why air terminals not included under the category?

Got it…it’s duct terminal. Tried to revert the process by writing shared parameters to excel but can’t get it. It only writes the built-in parameters into excel (see partial snapshot of my graph).

I would be grateful if you can show me the right direction.

What are you feedinng in that “List.Create”? Are your shared parameters instance of type parameters? To check the parameters of an element there is a node simply called “Parameters” which will show you what dynamo reads

It would be better if you can show us complete screenshot, so that others can understand your issue and give you solution. Thanks :slight_smile:

@Kulkul & @GregX, thanks for replying. To enhance this discussion, I think I need to create a separate discussion for this as the original post was already solved.

@bvm76 Yes Please!