Write To Excel - but numbers as text

Hi All!

I have this issue. When I to write room numbers to excel, I would like to save it as text. Some room numbers is named like “007” and then comes out as “7”. How can I apply this function - to write as text, so the two zeros stays in the room number? Thanks!


string from object should do it



Hi Anders,

You need to make some changes in excel.

Hey Kulkul thanks. If any know how to let Dynamo do the job, please let me know.

If you add an apostrophe to the front of the room numbers before pushing it into Excel it will force it to treat it as text instead of a number. When Reading the data back from the Excel file it won’t include the apostrophe.

hey timothy, that is definitely a good one :wink:

didn’t know that so far

thanks for sharing