Room Belonging


Hi guys,

I was working with one of my firsts scripts. The idea of this one is to create a room belonging of the windows inside each room, when this relation is stated in dynamo, I would like to transfer that information to excel e.g: room 1 has 3 windows, so excel would have a column that has the room name and a column next to it that has each window in a different cell.

So far I have gotten to the point of creating a list that groups windows belonging to a room inside the same list. I can not figure out how to output this onto excel.

I would really appreciate the help

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Hello. There is a Dynamo tutorial on writing to Excel here: Unit 5: Excel Write
and in the Dynamo dictionary is a quick example: Excel.WriteToFile

Try messing around with it and let us know how it goes and if you encounter any problems.