Write to Element ID Graph

I am trying to write to Revit with the Element ID and Unique ID.
Can someone tell me what i am doing wrong ?
"It says that there no parameter name by “Element ID” and “Unique ID”

Set Name.dyn (10.5 KB)

Make sure you have the parameter in the Revit.

Hi _Vijay,
So i have to make my own “Element ID” and “Unque ID” in the room element ?

You need to create the project parameters for room.

I am not sure… If i am making a parameter for the Element ID and Unique ID it should have the values that Revit have given the elements… Then I should have the opportunity to “call” it in the parameters… How could i do that ?

Find out all you can on ElementId
I recommend the building coders website.

Hi Marcel,
Is it possible you could make a Graph there getting the specific unique ID for the element, and were i can write in that specific element ?

Thank you for the building coder link. I will look through it, but in think it is a little heavy to go through… I am not that good at coding :frowning:

What you need exactly?

From what i understand:
When a new element is created in Revit, Revit will give it a unique id.
You can read the id, but you can’t write it.
You can create a new parameter and write the value of the unique id, but that’s just a copy.

There might be a little more to it, maybe someone else has more.


Hi again,
I have to grab the unique ID and Element ID for each door element in the Revit project-file, and then write additional values in that specific door element from MS excel to Revit.

Hope you can help :slight_smile:


Karsten Murning

Hi Karsten

Probably this here could help you…