How to use "Make Unique Identifier and Set it to Parameter"?

Looking for an example of how the “Make Unique Identifier and Set it to Parameter” node is used. I ether got it to crash Revit 2015, or return all nulls. In this case, “Identifier” is a shared text parameter.

It would be nice if the Help feature of Dynamo nodes showed, or linked to, a usage example.


Very late to reply here,

but if someone comes searching for this shall get the answer from the following link -

Thank You!

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I wanted to Make Unique Identifier and didn’t know how to use that node; not set parameters that didn’t have unique names. I never figured it out.

You’re right.
I just tried to follow its custom node definition and it throws error in itself. Maybe the package/node hasn’t been updated for a long time.
I’ll try if I can create something similar (will give due credits).


Hi… which package is it ? I see this topic is very old

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Every Element has an unique id that survives a topic like this


This page shows a way of coding it. (I don’t know which programming language it is. csharp, according to Code Detector & Formatter )
How do I make unique anonymous ID variables for my data? | SAS FAQ


Just for fun, I did it. Unique ID.dyn (23.2 KB)

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Hi Truevis, this is nice!
I had a question, and it may sound ridiculous but, isn’t element ID is unique ID in it itself and we can use it to put in a parameter?
Still I’m able to comprehend the use of the initial node.

Remember ID’s can change, UniqueId stay the same

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Yes, Element ID is a unique integer in an RVT file. Revit makes that. There may be some uses where a company wants to give IDs to things and we may want to control what they are, not Revit.

Back when I made the OP, I was consulting for a panelized wall company. One building project would have hundreds of panels, and we were considering giving each panel a unique ID. Also, the factory produces thousands of panels for many projects. Revit Element IDs would be unsuitable for that use.

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Hi …element id isnt unique can change as Marcel mention, the only stable id is the guid…