Revit Elements Parameters ID

Dear Professional, good day
Please advise where can I find the info about elements parameters in Revit in order to get them with Dynamo. As I see so far, all revit elements have an attribute “Parameters” :

My confusion starts with the element parameter id value. I noticed that the same parameter has the same id number in different revit elements.

BUT there is a method (a node) that sets different values to parameters. It’s name is Parameter.SetValue. It takes Parameter object and set some value to it.

The question is: why the same parameter with the same id in different revit elements is treated as not a single object. For instance, if I extract a Mark parameter from 2 different revit elements and give 2 different values accordingly with Parameter.SetValue node, I will get 2 different mark values in revit elements accordingly. As per this result I believe that there is must be something like a unique parameter id or some other information that describes an address of the parameter (from which revit element it came from). Do you have any information about this ? I would like to study this subject in order to figure out the way how to get the required parameter only from revit elements and not to extract ALL the list of parameters in order to filter the proper one after. Extraction of all elements parameters takes a lot of computer resources …
I would like to go with this way because sometimes I have duplicated parameters (2 or more parameters are exactly with the same name). In this situation traditional nodes GetParameterValueByName and SetParam… dont work coz they pick up the first parameter that has been found.

to Snoop around in the Revit.DB i use the revit lookup tool: GitHub - jeremytammik/RevitLookup: Interactive Revit BIM database exploration tool to view and navigate element properties and relationships.

dont seem like a parameter class object have a GUID but it it has a relation to the element object witch do have a unique id.

How can I get the ID of the parameters?