Write From/To Room Parameter to Object

Hi there.

I created a small project and within i created a schedule (Door-schedule in this example) which includes “from room” and “to room” information. This all worked fine but once i exported the project to an ifc, even when checking the correct boxes to include that info, it would miss out in the exported IFC.

So i thought about creating a dynamo script, which would take the parameter from the schedule and write it to the objects itself.

Is anything like that even possible?



Clockwork package has a node for getting the to/from room info (I think it is Door.Rooms). Then you’ll want to pull the relevant info from the room (name, or number, both?). That information will be what you write back to the door. Note this will be a static value so you will need to ‘update’ the value by running the graph a second time should the design change.

Sorry for the late reply.

Thank you, this solved my problem.