Push To / From Room Data in Host model to Doors in Linked Model

Hi all
I have Doors in linked model, Rooms in host model, need to create a door schedule in the host model that reads the room name and number for each door.
As a way around, I added a parameter ’Door Number’ to the rooms in the host model, and created this dynamo definition that checks each door in linked model against the surround rooms in host model and lists them, then reads the door number from ’Mark’ parameter for each door and add it to ’Door Number’ parameter for rooms surrounding the door. Then in Revit I created a room schedule with fields: Door Number, Room Name, Room Number , and this schedule will act like a door schedule.
This works fine. But how can I push this a further step and identify the rooms as To / From?
Maybe looking at door bounding boxes intersects with rooms with to capture bigger intersects with a room and call it “To Room” and smaller intersects “From Room”?
below is the dyn file and revit sample model
appreciate your help.!

Use Door.Rooms node from clockwork to get from and to room…!
use FamilyInstance.FlipFromToRoom to flip from and to room

you can also open the family turn on room calculation point and adjust if you like to swap the room…!


Just a quick question. What package can I find Links?
Thank you for any help.