Set ToRoom and FromRoom using Doors.Rooms #clockwork

Hi! This is my first post on this forum, but i’ve read a few posts since i started using Dynamo.

What im trying to achieve is following:

For each door-element, figure out which rooms it belongs to, and set the value of that question into a type-parameter (FromRoom and ToRoom).

This works sort of, quite easily, with the Doors.Rooms in the Clockwork-package.

The thing is, if i flip the door in the model, the FromRoom and ToRoom should change! It does not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Well, sometimes you just cant stop laughing.

Activating the Room Calculation Point inside the family did the trick :slight_smile:

Hi, I use this code, but in my project, the doors are in my Revit-Schedule correct, but in the Dynamo-Listing, they are not right. why could it be?05.3_Türenliste_mit Raum_geht nicht.dyn (68.3 KB)

Hi @Heinrich_Boldt

You should start a new thread. This topic is very old. You could link this topic as a reference. Thanks!