Combine To Room/From Room into a single shared instance parameter

I am completely new to Dynamo, so please excuse the naive nooby question! I’d like to be able to create a mini door schedule on a room C-sheet to include all of the doors that go To Room and From Room for the room on the C-sheet. How can I use Dynamo to use the To Room and From Room properties to push the two room numbers into a single shared instance parameter in the doors? I would then create a mini-schedule filtered on that parameter to schedule doors that contain the room number corresponding to the room on the sheet.

You can use the Element.GetParameterValueByName node to get “To Room” and “From Room” for each of your doors. After that, you can either use the String.Join node, or write a simple code block to join the parameter values, e.g. a + " : " + b which would join each parameter value by a colon surrounded by spaces. Then, assuming you have already created your instance parameter, you can get the parameter using Parameter.ParameterByName and then set its value using Parameter.SetValue.


Brilliant guidance - many thanks. I’ll update when I have something to share.

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Hello, I’m trying to do the same but in a French Revit.
Could you tell me how to find the exact parameter name to Get the values as the traditionnal names “A la pièce: Nom” and “De la pièce: Nom” doesn’t work ?