Get and set From room parameter for doors

Hi all. Im trying to get and set the from room parameter in doors. Only thing is I am not sure if I can use the get parameter with this one. I tried it in dynamo. Ended up being zero

There is a node in clockwork package that can get a doors rooms. You cannot set the rooms as it is made by revit automatically.

I dont want to set the rooms. I want to get the doors associated with the specific room and filter the list to only include the 95 BO. I have half it it solved, thanks

I just need to filter the doors to the 95 bo and its not working

Try family type name instead of string from object


I think it’s useful if you show the outputs from your nodes…

My suspision is that you have a long list of family types as strings, and you have ‘contains’ for 3 values.

I think you’ll need to use cross lacing on your ‘contains’ to run your list of types against each value… Then you’ll use a ‘list contains’ ‘true’ to get any family which had a true against it… you might need a list transpose, I’m not sure…

Apologies I don’t have time to build it myself right now.

Hope that helps,


What am I doing wrong?. I used this method before and its not working

some odd reason you need to flatten the list from the output

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