Write data to specific room parameter

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Im still very new to this, so this is probably very easy for you guys, but I’m stuck…!

So what I’m trying to do… I have a dyno. graph, that looks at every room in my project, it looks for rooms where name parameter is equal to “elevator”, which I have succeed in. BUT then I want Dynamo to write a “short name”, “ELV” to another parameter in these rooms. But I’m not sure about how to write these texts back to the parameter? Please help.
Here is a picture of my graph:

the error:


You need to input elements in SetParameterByName and not strings.

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Okay, so just because I’m stupid here… That means, because I had my node return text (strings) in the “element” box, the SetParameterByName node can’t read these? but because It gets building elements, that meets the requirements, it is now possible to write to them…? correct.?

Yes that’s it.
A Revit element is always followed by his Id (in green).

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Thank you so much!

You’re welcome.
Don’t hesitate to create other topics to ask for advice.
There is a great and helpful community here.

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