Problem: Rename one parameter of the room



Hello everyone,

I just started to learn how to use Dynamo.

Now i’m facing a concrete problem which is I need to replace(rename) one of the parameters of the rooms.

The room name is Masterbedroom, and the name of Element ID corresponded is #03-11.(Parameter need to be renamed).

Now I succeeded to get the room list, how can i establish the connection between the Element ID and room?

If anyone have experienced similar question, don’t be hesita to leave your words! Thank you all!


See what you get when pluging Element.GetParameterValueByName just after All Elements of Category


Hello @Yna_Db,

In fact I tried this plugin Element.GetParameterValueByName, Only that I don’t know how to deal with the parameter name, I didn’t succeeded getting the list of Element ID. (image attached)


Here is an example to get and set values of elements.

Type parameter into element parameter

This thread here should also help with what you are trying to do, since you are not wanting to change the parameter value for your entire list of rooms:


Thank you @conghau.bdh , your reply solved my problem! Cool!
Thank you all guys!


Don’t know how comes i’ve got two identifications…:sweat: